Oblix Joins Oracle

In an open letter to Oblix customers, Rick Simmons, Vice President of Oblix inc. announced plans that the company would be merging with Oracle.

"The union of our two companies will provide an even greater security solution for our customers ...... the combined strength of Oracle's worldwide presence and its extensive software and services business coupled with Oblix's products, people, and vision bring to the industry an unprecedented ability to build identity into software infrastructure and applications while continuing to deliver a new generation of identity offerings"

Oblix is a privately held developer of identity-based security solutions for heterogeneous computing environments. Originally founded in 1996, the company is a leading developer of identity management software that allows web access control including Single Sign On (SSO), identity administration and user provisioning. Oblix also provides security and regulatory compliance solutions.

The merger benefits Oracle customers and will provide them with a complete solution for securely managing identities. Oracle recently purchased software company Peoplesoft in a bid to maintain it's presence as a global heavyweight in the industry. It faces increased competition from the likes of Microsoft who has big plans for identity management software in the next revision of Windows, codenamed Longhorn.

Effective today, you can find out more about the merger here.

View: Oracle - Oblix Merger Information

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