OnLive adds free demos to all-you-can-play monthly service

The OnLive streaming game service continues to add new games and new features for its customers. This week the company announced that it has added a new feature to its PlayBack service whiich lets gamers play a selection of over 50 older games under one monthly flat fee of $9.99. Now those PlayPlack customers can demo nearly any game included in the service for free. This service has already been put in place for OnLive regular users who pay for each game separately.

In addition to the new demo features, PlayBack customers can now check out a new addition to the library. OnLive has added Borderlands, the 2009 released hybrid of first person shooter and RPG from developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games. This is apparently the main game in the series and does not include the four DLC packs that Gearbox released after Borderlands shipped out. OnLive Playback customers can choose to download those DLC packs for an additional fee.

OnLive is now approaching its first anniversary. It launched to the public in June 2010 right after E3 2010 was completed. OnLive still has not revealed exactly how many customers it has signed up (it's a privately run company) but perhaps OnLive will reveal some of its inner workings at E3 2011 next month. In the meantime the company has offered a free copy of its Microconsole (which lets people play OnLive's games on a TV) if they pre-order Red Faction Armageddon. Another free Microconsole can be secured with pre-orders of Duke Nukem Forever.

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