Poll: How long before Microsoft releases a non-Kinect version of Xbox One?

Microsoft recently announced the next-generation Kinect bundled with its upcoming Xbox One actually won't be required to use the console, though the company says it has no plans to release a version without the motion sensor. Does the announcement mean it's only a matter of time before a version of Xbox One is released without Kinect, however?

That's what we're asking you. Do you think Microsoft will backtrack on its Xbox One plans yet again and release a Kinect-free version of the console at a lower price, or is the console forever going to be bundled with the motion sensor? Microsoft has remained adamant the next-generation Kinect is essential to the Xbox One experience, though not requiring it seems to indicate the opposite. At the same time, however, not including a Kinect with each console could fragment the user base.

There currently aren't any known titles that require Kinect for the Xbox One's launch window, though numerous games will make use of Kinect in a non-mandatory fashion.

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