ProtonVPN opens Android Beta Program for registration

Earlier this year, ProtonVPN launched a free to use app for Android. Now, the company has opened up a new beta program to allow users to test new features before they’re deployed to a wider audience. Joining the beta is straightforward; just visit the ProtonVPN Play Store page and scroll to the bottom. There, you’ll be able to join in with the beta program.

The firm says that if you’re already a beta user through the Crashlytics programme, then you need to uninstall ProtonVPN and re-join via the Play Store. If you were never in a beta programme but have the stable version installed, you can sign up to the beta through the Play Store and the next time your apps update, you’ll be put onto the latest beta build.

In the announcement, ProtonVPN said:

“2018 will be a busy year for us as we add more features to ProtonVPN and we are very excited about that. A key part of that is getting feedback directly from the community which we serve.

If you find bugs or would like to give other feedback, you can reach our by team by contacting us here.

You can also leave the Beta program whenever you want via the ProtonVPN Play Store page.”

No new features were announced by ProtonVPN in its announcement, but if 2018 is going to be as busy as it says it is, then we could see lots of stuff being added to the beta.

Source: ProtonVPN

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