Straw polling app gets custom URLs on Windows Phone and Android, plus update for iOS 9

Earlier this year, polling app Straw reached version 2.0, with a major overhaul that introduced a wide range of new features. Since then, the app - which allows users to quickly and easily create polls that can then be shared around the world - has been improved further, with a new web interface and integrated Bing image search.

Just a few weeks after its last update, Straw has picked up some more improvements - and there's good news in particular for iOS users. Straw has been updated to make it fully compatible with iOS 9, after some users reported issues in the new OS with the previous version of the app.

Additionally, Straw is rolling out a new beta feature on iOS and Windows Phone. Users on these platforms will be able to try out custom shortened URLs, known as poll IDs, to make it easier for other users to quickly locate a specific poll. For example, if you wanted to poll on who might win the Super Bowl in February, you could opt for - assuming it's available, of course.

As Straw explains:

We think the feature will be great for people running long-duration polls on major issues, and we’d love your help testing it out. Keep in mind that a custom URL can only be used once, and that this feature is very much in beta, so you may run in to a bug or two. Please let us know if you like it, how it make it better, and if you’d like to see it become a permanent part of Straw.

Android users will soon get their hands on this feature as well - Straw says it's "putting the final touches" to the Android version, which will be made available "VERY soon".

While not officially a Microsoft app, Straw was developed by some of the company's employees, including Ben Rudolph (better known in the Microsoft community as 'Ben the PC Guy').

Source: Straw

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