The Nintendo Store in New York will offer Switch console pre-orders starting Friday

If you live in the New York area and are even remotely interested in a Nintendo Switch console, you might want to head down to the Nintendo Store for a chance to pre-order the company's latest console.

That's right, the Nintendo Store in New York will start pre-orders of the upcoming console starting Friday. While there currently aren't too many details, the Nintendo Store Twitter account only offered that it would be taking pre-orders for the Switch console, and will start on January 13 at 9 am. Since Nintendo has not yet held its event that will reveal more details about the console, the price is currently unknown. But, if a leak is to be believed from late last year, the console could arrive somewhere under $300 USD.

As mentioned in the tweet, Nintendo will have a limited amount of pre-orders, so if you are looking to secure one, you might want to get to the store early. Naturally, there will probably more retailers offering pre-orders once Nintendo has finished its presentation. But the New York store has been known to be a fairly reliable source when it comes to products that are in high demand.

Source: Nintendo (Twitter) via CNET

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