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PingPlotter 4.01.1


PingPlotter is a powerful network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool. PingPlotter can help troubleshoot a number of network-related problems, but is especially well suited if you are experiencing occasional or frequent slow-downs, disconnects, or general connectivity issues with an application that uses a network connection to function (web browser, on-line game, stock trading application, Voice over IP or similar). PingPlotter is easy enough for casual surfers, yet robust enough for the networking professional.

All PingPlotter downloads include a free 30 day trial. During the trial you can switch freely between Free, Standard, and Professional editions. After the trial expires, you can buy Standard or Professional - or keep using the Free edition at no charge.

Here are some examples of areas where PingPlotter can help you:

  • You have an interest in the Internet, or networking in general, and want to learn more.
  • You're a systems administrator and need to be alerted whenever connectivity to one of your servers goes down.
  • You rely on a network or internet service which is having problems (slow performance, disconnects and other similar problems). You need to know if the target network connection is down, if the service itself is down, or if the network connection going into that service is the source of the problem.
  • You're having problems which you think are bandwidth related, but you're not sure.
  • The ability to see trends over time about how your network is performing is important to you.
  • An ISP is telling you that it's your problem, not theirs, but you've had your side checked out and need to show your ISP where the problem really is. Taking that further, you had your side checked out, but you want to see for yourself that it's not really your problem.
  • In general, if you're a user of any of the following that rely heavily on a network or the Internet and experience problems, PingPlotter can assist you in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • On-line gaming
  • On-line stock trading
  • An ASP for payroll, accounting, human resources or another part of your business
  • You use a web browser

Changes since 4.00.3:

  • Speed improvements when painting graphs, especially summary graphs that were being sorted by an actively changing column.
  • Packet loss bars on trace graph no longer show text by default. Turn that back on via the right-click menu if you miss seeing that. It was a bit clutterful and it feels a little more "open" - and packet loss % is available as a column.
  • You can now move a target to a summary screen from the web interface.
  • Fixed handful of problems with Internet Explorer in the web interface.
  • Fixed error with & in summary names in web interface.
  • Fixed problem where remote agents had some interoperability problems when the agent and PingPlotter host used different decimal point characters.
  • Fixed problem where PingPlotter would always reopen on primary monitor. Will now open on whichever monitor / position you closed it.
  • Updated some maintenance and license check messaging to make things more clear and obvious.
  • Fixed bug when sending text-only alert emails.
  • Testing of alert events now picks a good "test" host much more often.
  • Improved experience when launching minimized or via the COM api.
  • Jitter now sorts a bit more numerically :).
  • Fixed several crashes related to the web server.
  • Fixed bug where "Trace via remote server" engine type didn't work in trial mode (and any other custom script type).
  • PingPlotter can now load MultiPing v3 workspaces (oops!).
  • Double-clicking on a .pp2 file that launches PingPlotter will now show that target in the "All Targets" list.
  • Fixed a handful of other issues (invalid mime types, unicode compatibility, legend visibility, Windows Scripting host unavailability, lots more).

Download: PingPlotter 4.01.1 | 7.9 MB (Free, paid upgrade available)
Links: PingPlotter Home Page | PingPlotter Editions Comparison

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