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WingetUI 2.1.0 out of beta, final version released


WingetUI is an application whose main goal is to create an intuitive GUI for the most common CLI package managers for Windows 10 and Windows 11, such as Winget, Scoop and Chocolatey. With WingetUI, you'll be able to download, install, update and uninstall any software that's published on the supported package managers — and so much more.

WingetUI features

  • WingetUI has the ability to install, update and uninstall packages from Winget, Scoop and Chocolatey. WingetUI will also detect if your manually-installed apps can be updated!
  • It can also upgrade and uninstall previously installed packages — as well as uninstall built-in Windows apps!
  • WingetUI has the ability to both import and export the packages of your choice, so that you can easily install them in the future.
  • WingetUI supports managing Scoop buckets with an interface.
  • Install an older version of an app.
  • WingetUI shows a notification when there are available updates
  • Manage your updates and installed packages from its context menu
  • The user will be notified whether the installation/update/uninstallation of an app was completed successfully or not.
  • The ability to queue installations in order to prevent conflicts.
  • A dark theme is available to prevent you from burning your eyes.
  • WingetUI has the ability to show package-related information (like its license, SHA256 hash, homepage, etc.) before installation.
  • There are more than 14000 packages available (if winget, scoop and chocolatey are enabled)!

WingetUI 2.1.0 changelog:

  • .NET Tool package manager is now fully supported in WingetUI
  • WingetUI can now filter packages depending on their source
  • Chocolatey installed packages have been fixed
  • Notifications will be shown again if enabled
  • WingetUI can now be installed on a local environment
  • Winget does now support custom sources
  • WingetUI is now digitally signed
  • Arm systems will automatically use arm64 winget versions.
  • Packages won't be outdated anymore on the discover packages section
  • Theme switching won't require restarting WingetUI. Instead, the new theme will be applied instantaneously.
  • Installed, blacklisted and upgradable packages will show special icons to distinguish them from regular packages.
  • The package importer is now much faster.
  • Winget will handle locales properly
  • Chocolatey will be added to path automatically if certain conditions are met
  • Command-line outputs are more responsive
  • Improved package parsing
  • Interface appearance and behaviour improvements
  • Custom icon databases will be configurable
  • Markdown parsing has been improved
  • Lots of other bugfixes and improvements

What's changed

  • Fix typo by @HorridModz in #1252
  • Change Winget Releaser job to ubuntu-latest by @sitiom in #1286
  • Update lang_zh_CN translations by @adfnekc in #1290
  • Support markdown on scoop by @BastianKamp in #1317
  • [NPM] manage updates for global installed packages and fix uninstall command by @joguarino in #1318
  • Allow custom icon data base by @BastianKamp in #1319
  • Bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #1338
  • Fix typo in licenses section by @reima in #1343
  • Automatically change theme when system theme changes by @marticliment in #1345
  • Finish Implement winget sources by @marticliment in #1352
  • Add an interface to filter packages by source by @marticliment in #1353
  • Add base structure of new filtering options by @marticliment in #1361
  • Center PackageInfoPopupWindow Position when Opened by @raghavdhingra24 in #1370
  • Reorganize code by @marticliment in #1375
  • Add support for .Net Tool by @marticliment in #1382
  • Update translations from Tolgee by @github-actions in #1390
  • Update icons and screenshots from the excel file by @github-actions in #1391

Download: WingetUI 2.1.0 | 60.8 MB (Open Source)
Links: WingetUI Home Page | GitHub | Screenshot

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