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WinSlap 1.4


WinSlap is a tiny tool that provides you with control over which functions in Windows 10 you choose to use and how far data gets shared. Using a very simple interface, you decide how Windows 10 should respect your privacy by making recommendations and giving tips for which unwanted functions should be deactivated. There are a lot of options to browse, but WinSlap tries to make life easier by organizing them in several tabs: Tweaks, Appearance, Software and Advanced. No Installation required. Once downloaded, WinSlap is a standalone, portable application that doesn’t even need installing to work.


  • Apply tweaks to a fresh installation of Windows 10 after using a clean retail image (if you're looking to apply tweaks during installation, check out image creation tools)
  • No bloat. WinSlap does what it's features list says and nothing else.


  • Disable Shared Experiences
  • Disable Cortana
  • Disable Game DVR and Game Bar
  • Disable Hotspot 2.0
  • Don't include frequently used folders in Quick access
  • Don't show sync provider notifications
  • Disable Sharing Wizard
  • Show 'This PC' when launching File Explorer
  • Disable Telemetry
  • Uninstall OneDrive
  • Disable Activity History
  • Disable automatically installing Apps
  • Disable Feedback dialogs
  • Disable Start Menu suggestions
  • Disable Bing search
  • Disable password reveal button
  • Disable settings sync
  • Disable startup sound
  • Disable autostart startup delay
  • Disable location
  • Disable Advertising ID
  • Disable Malware Removal Tool data reporting
  • Disable sending typing info to Microsoft
  • Disable Personalization
  • Hide language list from websites
  • Disable Miracast
  • Disable App Diagnostics
  • Disable Wi-Fi Sense
  • Disable lock screen Spotlight
  • Disable automatic maps updates
  • Disable error reporting
  • Disable Remote Assistance
  • Use UTC as BIOS time
  • Hide network from lock screen
  • Disable sticky keys prompt
  • Hide 3D Objects from File Explorer
  • Remove preinstalled apps except Photos, Calculator, Store
  • Update Windows Store Apps
  • Prevent preinstalling apps for new users
  • Unpin preinstalled apps
  • Disable Smart Screen
  • Disable Smart Glass
  • Remove Intel Control Panel from context menus
  • Remove NVIDIA Control Panel from context menus
  • Remove AMD Control Panel from context menus
  • Disable suggested apps in Windows Ink Workspace
  • Disable experiments by Microsoft
  • Disable Inventory Collection
  • Disable Steps Recorder
  • Disable Application Compatibility Engine
  • Disable pre-release features and settings
  • Disable camera on lock screen
  • Disable Microsoft Edge first run page
  • Disable Microsoft Edge preload
  • Install .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5
  • Enable Windows Photo Viewer
  • Uninstall Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • Disable security questions for local accounts
  • Disable app suggestions (e.g. use Edge instead of Firefox)
  • Remove default Fax printer
  • Remove Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • Disable clipboard history
  • Disable cloud sync of clipboard history
  • Disable automatic update of speech data
  • Disable handwriting error reports
  • Disable cloud sync of text messages
  • Disable Bluetooth advertisements


  • Add This PC shortcut to desktop
  • Small taskbar icons
  • Don't group tasks in taskbar
  • Hide Taskview button in taskbar
  • Hide People button in taskbar
  • Hide search bar in taskbar
  • Remove compatibility item from context menu
  • Hide OneDrive Cloud states in File Explorer
  • Always show file name extensions
  • Remove OneDrive from File Explorer
  • Delete quicklaunch items
  • Use Windows 7 volume control
  • Remove Microsoft Edge desktop shortcut
  • Disable Lockscreen Blur
  • Hide Meet Now icon in taskbar


  • Install 7Zip
  • Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Install Audacity
  • Install BalenaEtcher
  • Install calibre
  • Install CPU-Z
  • Install DupeGuru
  • Install EarTrumpet
  • Install Epic Games Launcher
  • Install FileZilla
  • Install GIMP
  • Install GPU-Z
  • Install Git
  • Install Google Chrome
  • Install HashTab
  • Install Inkscape
  • Install Irfanview
  • Install Java Runtime Environment
  • Install KDE Connect
  • Install KeePassXC
  • Install League Of Legends
  • Install LibreOffice
  • Install Minecraft
  • Install Mozilla Firefox
  • Install Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Install Nextcloud Desktop
  • Install Notepad++
  • Install OBS Studio
  • Install OpenVPN Connect
  • Install Origin
  • Install PowerToys
  • Install PuTTY
  • Install Python
  • Install Slack
  • Install Speccy
  • Install StartIsBack++
  • Install Steam
  • Install TeamViewer
  • Install TeamSpeak
  • Install Telegram
  • Install Twitch
  • Install Ubisoft Connect
  • Install VirtualBox
  • Install VLC media player
  • Install WinRAR
  • Install WinSCP
  • Install Windows Terminal
  • Install Wireshark
  • Install Zoom


  • Disable Background Apps
  • Precision Trackpad: Disable keyboard block after clicking
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Disable Link-local Multicast Name Resolution
  • Disable Smart Multi-Homed Name Resolution
  • Disable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery
  • Disable Teredo tunneling
  • Disable Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol
  • Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Uninstall Internet Explorer

WinSlap 1.4 changelog:

  • changed: Software is now installed using winget

  • changed: Move disable background apps to Advanced tab

  • many new items added to Software tab

  • new feature: Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux

  • new feature: Uninstall Internet Explorer

Download: WinSlap 1.4 | 823 KB (Open Source)
View: WinSlap Home Page | Screenshot

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