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1991 Cavalier baaabbaaayyyy ( I know it sucks...)

Since these pictures were taken it's been broken into for the second it's missing the trunk lock ( it's missin that in the pic ) and it's missing the pass side door lock...

It's going to hell slowly...but these are in the more glory-filled days of it...




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...well...this WAS my car :cry: :cry: :cry: ...some a$$hole 18-wheel truck driver decided he wanted to try and beat a RED turn arrow. I didn't see him in time and I hit him @ 45mph. I'm suing the a$$hole now and I have an eye witness who saw the whole thing (and saw that I had a Green light)...

...if I get enough settlement money (medical bills at this point are about $8,000 USD + the value of my truck - $4,000 USD). If I get enough settlement money I'm gonna probably get a 2003 Honda Civic. Deciding between eithe the Civic Coupe or Civic Hatchback. I've always wanted a Civic... :D




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Ya like my Dads car?

Its OK.

Nice getaway car :woot:

Not something I would Pick my self. I'd pick a AMG Mercedes. I like the look of Mercs better.

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