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The Official Neowin NHL Playoff Thread


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ok...NOW we have a real series...if the ducks can win game 5, i think the cup is theirs

See. Now you know exactly what I was trying to explain. :D

Take everything you've seen so far, and throw it out the window. the NHL 2003 Stanley Cup Finals is now.....

Down to a Best of 3. :)

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Ducks Fly Together. :)

Series Tied 2-2.

that looks like a nice interface, only if it wasnt AOL. :p

Anyway what about Steve Thomas, seems like dude has ressurected his career playing like he did with the Leafs and before.

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Ladies and Gentlemen...

LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



In Jersey.....

Coming up...

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i hate my job, i need to leave early to watch the game but i can't! why can't the game start later dammit!?

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I was cheering just as hard as any Hockey fan when Ray got the cup...but for now, it's Scott's turn again...

Lets go Devils!

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