Bill Gates joins series on How Computers Work

Bill had a dream. Bill liked computers. Bill created Microsoft. Bill retired rich and famous. Be like Bill.

That is an oversimplified look at Bill Gates' involvement with a new video series entitled How Computers Work. is a non-profit organization "dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools." Gates introduces the six-part series, which is aimed at kids and getting them interested in the computer field.

Among the different topics, the series touches on:

  • Introducing How Computers Work
  • What Makes a Computer a Computer
  • Binary & Data
  • Circuits and Logic
  • CPU, Memory, Input, and Output
  • Hardware and Software

"Whether you're just curious about the devices you use every day or you want to design the innovations of the future, the first step is learning how computers work," Gates says in concluding the introduction.

Also part of the project is Nat Brown, who works with the VR team at Valve, and former Apple designer May-Li Khoe.

Gates, who stepped down as chairman of Microsoft in 2014, has had an advisory role with the company assisting current CEO Satya Nadella. He also sp´╗┐ends much of his time working with his wife on his charitable organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


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