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Crysis 1.1 patch performance with Multi-GPU testing

Let's assume for a second that anyone reading this article owns a copy of Crysis or has at least played the game. Then you should all know how potentially good the game is and how impressive its visuals can be with the proper hardware. Then again, since its release last November it's been a minority of players that have been able to play the game from beginning to end in all its visual glory.

Just last week Crytek released a highly awaited first patch for Crysis which weighted in at 139MB and carried a number of rather large promises. While it was claimed that SLI/Crossfire performance would improve with this patch as well as the overall rendering performance for all graphics cards in DX9 and DX10, they never stated by how much, so they did dodge a bullet there.

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* Julio Franco is a guest writer from TechSpot

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