Facebook opens up Stream API to developers

Facebook announced that starting today developers will be able to access users content from the main home page, also known as your "Stream" API. With this open source API, developers will be able to customize and manipulate a users stream information, such as your friends new images, updates and more.

On Facebook's developer blog, the crew announced it will be opening new API called stream.get and stream.publish and new FQL tables that will allow you to access your stream.

Developers can use this new API to make a fully functional desktop client for your Facebook account that will allow you to share what's on your mind, make comments and "likes" to posts in your stream.

The API will allow people to add customized scripts to web sites, mobile phone clients and even desktop applications for anyone to use. One company is already taken full advantage of the open source API in a desktop application, Seesmic Desktop.

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