Yoichi Wada: We take 'too long' to make games

It's no secret that Final Fantasy fans are amongst the most patient and loyal gamers in the world. When forced to wait almost 4 years for the next release in your favourite gaming series, it practically becomes second nature.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada was keen to reflect on the company's drawn out past, suggesting that the recent acquisiton of Eidos may spell for a change in direction.

"In reality I think the issues we have are basically the same. On one side you might say that because of the budgetary constraints they (Eidos) released the games without having the games polished to perfection, but on the other side we take too long to release the game."

When tackled about the dwindling confidence in Eidos produced games, Wada remarked that a crucial balance between cost and quality must be struck.

"I personally believe that having a good cost performance and having a good quality game can co-exist - I think that this relationship is actually a positive one. But when you look to the creators they tend to think that if they're asked to pursue a better cost performance, they have to sacrifice quality."

Final Fantasy XIII is due for release later this year in Japan.

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