Google is making it easier to disable Gmail data collection for smart features

Google has announced that its Gmail service will soon provide a new setting to let users decide whether they want their data to be used in order to enable smart features across Google services. The ability to disable these smart features was already available, but with the new experience, it should help users more easily understand when they're disabling data collection and processing by Google.

Google has added some smart features to Gmail over time, such as smart compose and the tabbed inbox, which are meant to make the experience more convenient. Many users may not consider the implications of using these features and how they're tied to data collection, so the new setting should make that a bit easier to understand.

The settings experience will be divided into two parts: first, you can enable or disable data collection in Gmail, Google Chat, and Meet to be used to improve those specific experiences - with features such as automatic email categorization, smart compose, and so on; second, you can allow data from Gmail and its related services to personalize other Google experiences, such as Google Assistant reminders, restaurant reservations being displayed in Google Maps, and more.

Google says this new experience should be available soon, though it didn't make it exactly clear whether users will see these options when logging into Gmail or if they'll have to look for them in the settings.

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