Nokia HERE maps updated with new design

Nokia has unveiled its latest iteration of HERE maps that offers new maps that have been refined and redesigned. In order to create maps that are easier to read, HERE utilizes a new color palette that will give the maps better aesthetics, but also allows for better identification of roads, landmarks, and freeways.

The roads have also been given better definition. HERE has created different thicknesses for roads, giving main roads and highways visual priority over smaller paths that are less traveled. HERE has also added texture to lands, giving mountainous and cavernous regions, depth. This is accomplished by adding shading to environments that require it. 

Lastly, in order to reduce the noise, better street hierarchy has been introduced. This essentially gives you only the most crucial information when zooming in and out of a section of maps. For example, if you are at a bird's-eye view overlooking a whole city, it wouldn’t be ideal to display each individual building, but once you get down to street level, seeing homes and business would become crucial.

Although the new HERE maps is only available online through and Yahoo Maps, it will eventually become available for mobile OS’s later this year. Currently, HERE offers SDK’s for Android and iOS, with Windows Phone being noticeably omitted.

Source: HEREImage via HERE

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