How Microsoft can get out of its open-source mess

Memo to Bill Gates: What a mess. Less than a week after a court-approved deal ended the antitrust case, Microsoft was back in the spotlight. The latest Halloween memo portrayed your company as utterly obsessed with the open-source software movement but utterly confused about how best to proceed.

I can only imagine the state of confusion. Microsoft has tried to persuade developers and users for the last four years that there's no there there --and to no avail.

Your minions better get a handle soon. The question is whether that's at all possible, but in the meantime, here are a few items to consider

End the FUD campaign

Enough with the fear, uncertainty, and doubt. You once referred to the General Public License's "Pac-Man-like nature," while Steve Ballmer separately described it as a "cancer."

News source: ZDNet Anchordesk (for full story)

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