How to: Enable System Restore on Windows Server 2003

Gosh, a member at Neowin has discovered a way of enabling the system restore feature of Windows XP on Windows Server 2003. If you're wondering why it wasn't there in the first place the official wording from Microsoft is that it will cause data replication on the system - causing all sorts of problems.

We haven't enabled the feature ourselves yet but several forum users have been sucessful using simple steps to enable the feature. To ensure you can install System Restore on Server 2003 you must have your Windows XP CD handy.

Keldyn has created a simple installer for everyone, download the file below and extract it and execute the reg file and then right click on the sr.inf file and choose the install option, insert your Windows XP CD and reboot your computer.

Download: Download System Restore for Windows Server 2003

View: View Enable System Restore on Windows Server 2003 Guide

View: Windows Server 2003 as a Workstation Guide

Please use caution when using this guide on your system

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