Microsoft and Google put down the swords to collaborate on open source projects

When Microsoft and Google are in the headlines, it is usually related to one of the companies tossing a bit of mud at the other in an attempt to make one look superior. Not today, though, as the two juggernauts are putting down their swords to work together to bring more open source projects to Azure.

One of the applications that is part of the project is Kubernetes, a declarative container management solution supporting orchestration and scheduling of Docker containers. This project was originally built for Google's Compute Engine but is now making its way over to Azure as well. Also part of the collaboration project is libswarm, a minimalist toolkit to orchestrate and compose network services for distributed systems.

Microsoft says that this initiative is part of its effort to supporting a wide range of operating systems, languages and services of any public cloud. Even though the division between Google and Microsoft will likely only grow larger as each company tries to take market share from one another, it is good to see that they are capable of putting business aside and coming together to work on projects that help out consumers.

You can head over the Microsoft's Azure blog to get more details about the collaboration at the source link below.

Source: Microsoft | Image Credit: Shutterstock - Upward Server

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