Mozilla announces the first web browser "built by developers for developers"

Mozilla has announced that it is preparing to launch a new web browser, which it says is "built by developers for developers". It says that it recruited its developer tools team to take a look at the modern web browser, and see how it could be improved to make things easier for devs.

Indeed, Mozilla says that it has "redesigned the browser by looking at it through a completely new filter to put developers' interests first", adding that it "also integrates some powerful new tools like WebIDE and the Firefox Tools Adapter."

The thinking behind the new browser is that developers have to use lots of disparate tools, platforms and browsers while testing their efforts, "which can slow you down and make you less productive", according to Mozilla.

The dev-friendly browser will be launched on November 10, but if you sign up for Mozilla's newsletter, you'll be emailed as soon as the browser is released.

Source: Mozilla

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