MS02-053: Buffer Overrun in SmartHTML Interpreter Could Allow Code Execution (Q324096)

The SmartHTML Interpreter (shtml.dll) is part of the FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE), and provides support for web forms and other FrontPage-based dynamic content. The interpreter contains a flaw that could be exposed when processing a request for a particular type of web file, if the request had certain specific character-istics. This flaw affects the two versions of FrontPage Server Extensions differently. On FrontPage Server Extensions 2000, such a request would cause the interpreter to consume most or all CPU availability until the web service was restarted. An attacker could use this vulnerability to conduct a denial of service attack against an affected web server. On FrontPage Server Extensions 2002, the same type of request could cause a buffer overrun, potentially allowing an attacker to run code of his choice.

Title: Buffer Overrun in SmartHTML Interpreter Could Allow Code Execution (Q324096)

Released: 25 September 2002

Software: FrontPage Server Extensions 2000 and 2002

Impact: Denial of service or privilege elevation

Max Risk: Critical

Bulletin: MS02-053

This has also been mentioned by xStainDx here

View: Microsoft TechNet - Security Bulletin ID MS02-053 for more information and patch availability

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