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Cloud computing is the #1 IT priority today. Join Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO, as he discusses Oracle’s cloud strategy and services. Oracle Cloud Application Services provide businesses with the broadest range of enterprise applications available in the cloud, with unique built-in business intelligence, social, and mobile capabilities. Ellison provides insight into Oracle’s Oracle Cloud Social Services strategy, the broadest and most complete enterprise social platform in the cloud today, and how those services are integrated with Oracle Cloud Application Services to improve customer and employee experience. Infosys CEO and Managing Director S. D. Shibulal also takes the keynote stage Tuesday afternoon.

Join us for our live commentary.

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21:40 Christopher White Welcome to this live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
21:40 Christopher White The keynote will be starting in roughly 10 minutes.
21:46 Christopher White Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect
21:49 Christopher White Infosys has a lot of employees...
21:50 Christopher White a short video on the company and now the CEO of Infosys is up
21:50 Christopher White Wright Brothers, Alexander Fleming, Tim Berners-Lee -- all three changed the world.
21:51 Christopher White First Flight - 1903 - Wright Brothers.
21:52 Christopher White Penicillin - 1928 - Alexander Flemming
21:52 Christopher White But commercialization didn't happen until 1940.
21:53 Christopher White First website - 1991 - Tim Berners-Lee
21:54 Christopher White Infosys calls this "centers of radical progress"
21:55 Christopher White We used to get inventions from individuals, then major research labs, and now corporations do most of the inventions.
21:56 Christopher White Talking about global delivery model. Yay?
21:57 Christopher White Infosys ranked #19 most innovative company by Forbes.
21:58 Christopher White Audi USA CEO -- will he give us all a car?!
22:00 Christopher White Audi Ultra - light weight automotive design.
22:00 Christopher White But do we WANT lighter cars? Better gas milage, less safety....
22:00 Christopher White Audi Connect -- communicates with the entire ecosystem.
22:01 Christopher White Audi e-tron -- ties it all together into an electric vehicle.
22:01 Christopher White Business process optimization is important - get rid of processes you don't need.
22:01 Christopher White The window sticker is an expense that will grow with the incremental volume they want to sell.
22:02 Christopher White There were five processes that had to merge to make that window sticker. Wow....
22:04 Christopher White Consumers don't want to consume ,they want to create.
22:05 Christopher White Watching these other CEOs talk really makes me appreciate Ellison and others who can at least be engaging.
22:06 Christopher White Infosys BrandEdge -- a SalesForce competitor?
22:09 Christopher White Different modules let BrandEdge customers get all sorts of data and do campaigns. Not really a competitor to SalesForce from what I can gather.
22:11 Christopher White CEO of UL - "Working for a safer world"
22:13 Christopher White Never really thought of UL as a company... Just that you see UL stuff on every product known to man lol
22:16 Christopher White UL used to be "underwriters laboratory" but are now broken into 5 groups and have made 18 acquisisions.
22:17 Christopher White Again, does anyone ever actually think about UL? :/
22:18 Christopher White CEO of Infosys back on the stage. We're patiently waiting for Uncle Larry...
22:20 Christopher White Talking about Cloud computing now. Cost savings from renting instead of buying.
22:21 Christopher White In 5-7 years, 60% of workloads will move to the cloud.
22:28 Christopher White Ricoh looking to increase sustainability by 86 percent. again, yay?
22:29 Christopher White partnered with Oracle and Infosys to help with this. more marketing fluff imho.
22:32 Christopher White I think Larry's up next.
22:34 Christopher White Wi-Fi is down again too.. good thing we have 4g lte!
22:34 Christopher White everyone say up and is ready for Larry. pretty funny!
22:36 Christopher White Oracle has more SaaS solutions than any other company...
22:38 Christopher White Larry talking about Java -- "We develop all of our SaaS applications in Java."
22:38 Christopher White "You use Java, Fusion Middleware, and Oracle database."
22:39 Christopher White Oracle uses those tools to build their applications, customers use the same tools to extend and interconnect.
22:39 Christopher White Java - most popular programming language in the world.
22:39 Christopher White Fusion - Most popular middleware in the world
22:39 Christopher White Oracle - most popular database in the world.
22:42 Christopher White Made a number of key acquisitions for social relationship management technology.
22:42 Christopher White Implemented at the platform layer, no the application layer.
22:42 Christopher White "It's a technology platform, not just a suite of applications."
22:43 Christopher White Hundreds (not thousands) of customers, and next year we'll have thousands.
22:43 Christopher White Taleo is an example of one of the cloud offerings Oracle provides.
22:44 Christopher White "On-demand" -- Oracle manages but you own the hardware.
22:46 Christopher White Red Robin is a customer.
22:46 Christopher White They are an "ondemand" customer. Computer dedicated to them in Oracle's data center.
22:47 Christopher White Fusion customer.
22:47 Christopher White As a reminder, Red Robin uses your phone number as a password and says to not share it with anyone...
22:48 Christopher White "We're the only cloud provider that gives you a choice."
22:48 Christopher White You like Salesforce, it runs in one place. You can't move it inhouse, you can't make it private behind your firewall, you can't purchase those licenses.
22:51 Christopher White Talking about different customers that use Oracle's cloud.
22:51 Christopher White Ellison: "I'm only planning on showing 380 of the 400 customers using our cloud. I figured all 400 would be too tedious."
22:53 Christopher White All of the applications are built on industry-standard Java using industry-standard middleware and SQL.
22:53 Christopher White Standards are still important. Just because we're in the cloud doesn't mean we can make everything proprietary.
22:54 Christopher White "Just because we're in the cloud doesn't mean we forget everything we've learned over the last 20 years."
22:55 Christopher White "Just because we're in the cloud doesn't mean you don't have to work."
22:56 Christopher White Larry loves himself some cloud this year!
22:57 Christopher White Their social is built into every one of their fusion apps and all are accessible via mobile devices.
23:00 Christopher White Oracle 12c has pluggable databases.
23:02 Christopher White Netsuite was the first SaaS company in the world in 1998. One year later, Salesforce. This isn't new.
23:02 Christopher White Those two offerings built multi tenancy into the application because there were no VMs back then.
23:06 Christopher White More attaching of -- Oracle uses their own platform, Salesforce doesn't.
23:07 Christopher White Oracle cloud runs on the engineered systems -- Exadata X3 (26TB memory, runs Java faster, in-memory analytics, InfiniBand networking)
23:09 Christopher White Oracle SRM Platform: It's a platform, not just a marketing tool.
23:09 Christopher White SRM=Social Relationship Management
23:10 Christopher White SRM tool scans social feeds (ie: Twitter) and lets you respond - either via Twitter or even a phone call if you know the customer.
23:11 Christopher White Use LinedIn to recruit people more efficiently.
23:11 Christopher White Even find sales leads.
23:13 Christopher White Collaboration. Each fusion tool has collaboration built in using the social metaphore.
23:13 Christopher White Same story - all tools communicate with each other.
23:14 Christopher White A demo is coming up.
23:16 Christopher White Ellison just took a shot at Apple: "Follow Twitter to see that there's problem with your mapping sw and then tell them you'll fix it." #oow
23:17 Christopher White Who is the best olympic athlete to promote Lexus cars?
23:17 Christopher White Big Data: 4.9 BILLION tweets from the Twitter Firehose (API that gives you lots of Tweets )
23:17 Christopher White Analyze both structured and unstructured textual data - in real time, not batch.
23:18 Christopher White Tweet has more info than just 140 chars - we know geography information (if enabled), the time, the date, how many followers the person has, etc, etc.
23:19 Christopher White Big Data Gets bigger: 4.9 Billion tweets, 27 billion relationships, 100 million authors, 2.7 billion mentions, and 890 million hashtags.
23:19 Christopher White Big Data, meet Big Iron.
23:20 Christopher White Exadata, via InfiniBand, to Exalytics
23:21 Christopher White Apple was the most popular mobile device and Android was #2.
23:22 Christopher White Blackberry was almost as big as Android and neither was much smaller than IOS.
23:22 Christopher White Maybe Blackberry isn't quite as dead as expected?
23:23 Christopher White Now bring up top Olympic celebrities by followers.
23:24 Christopher White Lebron James the highest.
23:24 Christopher White But followers isn't the right metric...
23:24 Christopher White James has a lot of followers from NBA - not necessarily related to Olympics. So we want to look at "Reach," during that 14 day Olympic lifecycle.
23:25 Christopher White Reach: Number of tweets, re-tweets, and mentions during the Olympic games.
23:25 Christopher White Labron is still first, but Serena Williams moves from 2nd to 8th. Locthe moved up to 2nd (used to be really low)
23:26 Christopher White Now we can analyze, on a map, how much influence they have geographically.
23:27 Christopher White Lots from UK, Scottland.
23:28 Christopher White Now drill in and look at tweets about cars and see how many of them are ranked to celebrities.
23:29 Christopher White Now Labron is 8th and Phelps is #1 and Gaby Douglass (gymnastics) is making the list!
23:30 Christopher White Used DECA for structured/unstructured analysis, sending between Exadata and Exalogic.
23:30 Christopher White Now we want to do it by brand -- not just cars.
23:31 Christopher White Gaby Douglass is now #1, Phelps is #2.
23:31 Christopher White Now analyze the tweet -- don't want "I hate Lexus" to be treated positive.
23:34 Christopher White Definitely want Gaby Douglass selling my car because she'll make the Lexus look huge since she's not even 5' and Phelps is big. LOL
23:34 Christopher White Anyone else think that Big Data = Big Brother?
23:34 Christopher White Anyone else think that Big Data = Big Brother?
23:34 Christopher White And that ends the keynote.
23:34 Christopher White Thanks for following!
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