Rumor: 4th generation iPhone details emerge

It's being reported by AppleInsider that the Korea Times has heard some juicy information from KT, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in South Korea, about Apple's upcoming, fourth generation iPhone. They are claiming that the phone's specs will include the following...

  • OLED screen
  • Front-facing camera for video chat
  • Dual-core processor
  • More powerful graphics capabilities
  • Removable battery (stated to be "highly likely")

In addition to this, AppleInsider suspects the processor to be the Cortex-A9 from ARM. This processor can handle clock speeds up to 2GHz, which is unheard of in a smartphone. However, Apple would most likely underclock it to keep power consumption at a minimum. They are also reporting that Apple has purchased a large amount of LED camera flash components. One could deduce from this that the next iPhone will likely have a flash for taking pictures.

The Korea Times also states that KT plans to sell the new iPhone to corporate clients for a "litmus test" this April. Others are said to receive the phone in June. A "high ranking KT executive" claims that this will happen because both they, and Apple, want the advanced models to be introduced "as early as possible."

If all of this is true, Apple may completely re-define Google's new "superphone" classification. It's also possible that the new iPhone will be available for Verizon as a CDMA device. This would certainly explain the inclusion of video chat capabilities. As it currently stands, AT&T doesn't seem to be in a position to take on such an excess amount of video traffic. Hopefully, all of our questions will be answered at Apple's January 26th event.

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