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No foldable iPhone until 2027 before Apple irons out the ‘crease' issue

Foldable iPhone

Back in March, reports of Apple's first foldable iPhone surfaced on the internet, suggesting a launch date sometime in 2026. It was suggested that Apple was evaluating 6 and 8-inch prototypes for its first foldable iPhone.

Later last month, a patent for what could be a folding iPhone, surfaced online, allegedly hinting that Apple might be working on a clamshell-designed folding iPhone. However, if the latest report by market research firm Trendforce is to be believed, Apple may not launch its first folding iPhone before 2028, due to genuine reasons.

According to the research report, foldable smartphones represent only a mere 1.5% of the total smartphone market. Android players such as Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Motorola, Huawei, etc. are the leaders of this segment, with the majority share with Samsung.

But the forecast also suggests that the foldable smartphone market share will go up to 4.8% by 2028. And Apple, with its significant user base and fan following, will be able to disrupt the market when it launches its first foldable smartphone.

Foldable phone market share 2024

As per Trendforce, Apple is apparently "still evaluating component specifications and performance, with strict requirements for crease and reliability." The display crease is one of the plaguing issues with foldable smartphones. Even top players like Samsung, Motorola, etc., are affected by it, raising concern about its durability and the risk of screen damage from small particles.

Apple is watchful at the moment and doesn't want to rush things. It is going ahead with its usual strategy of "wait and see" and it wants to try to iron out all the downsides of a foldable device before jumping into the foldable space. Despite its delayed entry, Apple is speculated to significantly shift foldable market dynamics.

Instead of its first foldable iPhone, Apple is rumored to be working on a foldable MacBook with an 18.8-inch screen, reported to launch sometime in 2026. The foldable MacBook is expected to be of similar size as the regular 13-inch or 14-inch MacBook in a folded position.

Source: TrendForce

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