Some Hotmail users report access issues when switching to

In late July, Microsoft announced the beta release of, a new web-based email service that is meant to eventually take the place of Microsoft's, even though that service is still active as well. However, a small but growing number of Hotmail users have been unable to access their emails after establishing their new accounts.

The reports started soon after went live. In a post on the Microsoft Community message board (the new name for what was previously called Microsoft Answers) that started on August 1st, some users of Hotmail reported they received the following error when they tried to access their old emails from their account:

Sorry, something went wrong Please try again. If you keep seeing this message, go to Service status to check whether there's a problem with Hotmail or to report the issue.

Messages from Hotmail users have continued to be posted on this same message board thread as late as today, with the message thread extending over 17 pages. While moderators from Microsoft have apparently contacted some users to resolve this issue, some former Hotmail users report they still have not been able to access their emails two months after first reporting the problem. One of them, "PascalKeane", wrote earlier this week on the message thread:

Its been 2 months since I had access to my emails now. 2 months in which it appears no-one has seriously tried to resolve my issues and those of the others on this thread. Virtually no real communication from a variety of moderators dropping by.  If our accounts have been completely deleted, it's time to tell us - this whole process is taking up far too much time. As an earlier poster said, this potentially will turn me off purchasing anything from this company for life (I was actually paying for my Hotmail account).

One of Neowin's readers, "WooHoo!!!" sent us a tip that claimed he encountered this same problem and the same error message a couple of weeks ago. He added in our tip, "It would be a non issue if it was fixed within good time but over two months and the amount of people with this issue is shocking." We have emailed Microsoft to see if they have any comment on this situation with

Source: Microsoft Community message board | Image via Microsoft

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