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Sony sued over new Playstation terms of service

In September, Sony changed the terms of service agreement for Playstation Network users. As part of the changes, Sony said that the tens of millions of users of the online game console service had to agree to not join any new class action lawsuits against Sony. Agreeing to the new terms of service was mandatory if users wanted to access the Playstation Network for their Playstation 3 or PSP consoles.

Now GameSpot reports that an unnamed Northern California man filed suit against Sony in late November over the new PSN terms of service. The lawsuit claims that Sony is forcing consumers to give up access to the online gaming service that was already paid for when users paid for the PS3 or PSP consoles. The lawsuit also claims that the company failed to post a version of the new terms of service online, as it had in previous changes of the TOS.

Finally the lawsuit claims that the only way to opt out of the class-action lawsuit portion of the TOS was to send a written letter to Sony within 30 days of accepting the new terms of service. So far Sony has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Microsoft also changed its own terms of service earlier this month for its Xbox Live service with a similar non-class action lawsuit clause. It also provided a way for users to get out of that portion of the agreement via a written letter.

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