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Qubes OS 3.2 - The Most Secure Linux Operating System - Free Tips and Tricks Guide

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There’s no shortage of Linux operating systems available. However, many Linux distributions (distros) are niche OSes. For instance, Kali Linux is an ethical hacking and penetration testing Linux distro.

There are server Linux operating systems, media center Linux distros, and more. However, Qubes OS focuses on security. Its tagline reads: “A reasonably secure operating system.”

On its homepage, Qubes OS boasts testimonials from the likes of Edward Snowden.

With its onus on security, and superb compartmentalization, freedom, and integrated privacy features, Qubes OS is a functional and intuitive security-oriented Linux operating system.

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>> Qubes OS 3.2 - The Most Secure Linux Operating System - Free Tips and Tricks Guide
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