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Alleged Nvidia RTX 4090 benchmark suggests it's an absolute monster

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Ever since leaks regarding Nvidia's upcoming next-gen Ada Lovelace GPUs began streaming out, there had been murmurs of the RTX 4000 series cards guzzling down power. There have been whispers of 600 W cards and even whopping 900 W variants seemingly being in the works.

However, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, and it looks like Nvidia has risen up to the occasion according to prolific leakster and Twitter user kopite7kimi. Apparently, the RTX 4090 is able to score over 19,000 points in 3DMark's Time Spy Extreme graphics test. Time Spy is UL Benchmarks' DirectX12 test, and the Extreme benchmark is meant to test GPUs at the 4K resolution.

Twitter user and hardware enthusiast @harukaze5719 has made a graphic showing the alleged 4090 scored alongside known benchmark results of Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti AIB variants as well as RTX 3090 and AMD RX 6900 XT.

Nvidia RTX 4090 leaked score vs other current GPUs

The 19,000 score puts it at 82% faster than its direct predecessor, the RTX 3090, and nearly 70% faster than the RTX 3090 Ti. The leaker also adds that this is a conservative measure, and the full potential is actually even higher for the upcoming RTX 4090. The new performance number is pretty much in line with previous rumors, which suggested that the 4090 will be nearly double the performance of the RTX 3090.

Whether these performance claims are true or not should become clear sooner rather than later. The launch of the upcoming RTX 4000 series shouldn't be too far off since we are already seeing support for the new cards in various software, like recently in AIDA64.

Source: kopite7kimi (Twitter) via @harukaze5719 (Twitter)

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