Apple not to lower iTunes UK pricing after all

You may remember Apple's promise six months ago to lower the iTunes UK pricing, so it both equalled that of the rest of Europe and avoided any EU action. Well now Apple has decided to forget the whole idea. Why? Well Apple says exchange rates have done the job for them.

At the time of the original announcement, a European iTunes track cost €0.99 (74p) and a UK track cost 79p, but now Apple says the current exchange rate means a 79p UK Track actually equals €0.99, making any price "no longer necessary".

Of course if the Euro continues to rise against the Pound, iTunes may end up raising the prices for UK consumers above 79p, though the spokesperson would not confirm this, they did say they wanted pricing to remain "standardised" across all of the EU.

European iTunes customers still pay far more than their U.S. counterparts, who pay just 43p or €0.62 per track.

Source: BBC News

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