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Let's talk about Samsung's crappy "customer service"

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I have a lot of Samsung equipment. My washing machine is a Samsung Ecobubble, and the two upstairs bedrooms both have a Samsung TV. I own a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra mobile phone (with Samsung Wireless Charger Duo), two T7 SSDs, a Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and a Galaxy Watch6 Classic. I also purchased a Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo in January last year, which has been keeping me in repair hell since the end of October.

I have been documenting the process in our forums. It all started when I changed the GPU in my main system to an AMD 7900 XTX. Previously, I had a 4070 Ti in that system, and although I experienced the glitching when my Neo came out of power saving (due to my PC being locked) it was easy to fix with a driver restart key combo of CTRL + WIN + SHIFT + B. This would resolve the glitching immediately, but with the AMD card, this trick did not work. I had to power cycle the monitor in order for it to stop glitching.

October 26 - Let's start a Warranty repair request

Since the factory warranty would end at the start of January 2024, I decided to RMA it via Samsung (Netherlands), where I had also registered it with proof of purchase and the serial number. The repair page suggested doing it via WhatsApp, so I did this, and after a bit of back and forth with "^Julian," he stopped responding to messages. Eventually, after four hours, I decided to try to get the repair process started online, which was successful.

Nov 2 - Samsung tech visits for in-house repair

A guy from CE Repair, who is contracted by Samsung to fulfill repairs for many of their products, including monitors, came out and swapped the "ASSY PCB MAIN;G95NA," which was the main board of the screen. He did not test or configure it, so I figured it was not needed.

Then I discovered that there was no longer a Model code or Serial number (S/N) listed in the OSD. Local Dimming could no longer be set (kept returning to OFF when the screen power cycled), HDR would not work, and the screen was no longer listed as "G-SYNC Compatible," which, to me, indicated that that the new PCB either wasn't configured properly or wasn't the right one for my monitor.

Nov 4 - 9: In-house repair introduced more problems

I tried contacting Samsung multiple times between Nov. 4 and Nov. 9 on WhatsApp and via telephone, again, which is documented in more detail in the forums... Long story short, (because I was promised by Samsung on the telephone a next day pick up that never happened,) it took a week to finally get a hold of someone who said they would pick it up, but not before November 15.

Dec 5: The monitor is "misplaced" in the wrong repair center

Three weeks after it was picked up, and after again trying to contact Samsung on the status of the repair via Twitter DM and telephone, I was told that they took it to the wrong repair center. It took Samsung to start an "internal investigation" for CE Repair to finally find it and deliver it to the correct repair center to be looked at.

Dec 7: No action taken, CE Repair claims user fault

CE Repair sent me an email that no action was taken because they couldn't find a fault with it. Their "technician" made a note, saying, "It's probably client's video card". They did not confirm or fix the additional problems their own technician introduced when he replaced the monitor's PCB, which, as a reminder, had:

  • No model number identification
  • Missing serial number
  • No GSync certification
  • Local Dimming would not stay on
  • HDR stopped working

I had already made a video of the problem, which was required by Samsung, with indications to the following timestamps:

  • from 00:29 center left
  • from 00:48 roughly same place
  • from 00:56 left of the clock
  • from 01:11 top left/center portion
  • from 01:21 left of login

CE Repair was also made aware of the video via email in replies to their "no action" email.

Dec 12 - Jan 3: (it takes this long to return it to me)

CE Repair failed to respond to email replies of their "No action" and multiple DMs to Samsung mainly resulted in their questioning if CE Repair had contacted me and that they would start an "internal investigation" into why it is taking so long.

Two weeks later, on December 20, I got an email that they would return the monitor on Dec. 23. I got confirmation of delivery on Dec. 22. In the afternoon of Dec. 23, CE Repair called me to apologize and said that the monitor was not out for delivery, because it is in the wrong repair center (again) in the South of Holland (I live near Amsterdam in the North). They claim they will plan a new delivery date.

On December 27, I got an email that my monitor would be delivered on January 3.

January 7: The problem now seems worse

Although the screen has been returned to me in a good physical state, the flickering now seems even worse than it was before. I am kind of amazed they haven't been able to reproduce it themselves, or maybe they didn't even try.

I filmed it again and told Samsung on DM three days later, on January 10. Another person, ^Hanaa, says she will start an internal investigation and agrees that this is just not on. Another five days pass, and yet another person, ^Wendy, says on January 15, she has forwarded the issues to the repair (CE Repair) and complaints department. Two more days pass, after which CE Repair calls to arrange a pickup. WTF?!

I refuse to arrange a pickup, because of their amateur dealings with me thus far and DM Samsung again to come up with a different solution. On Jan 18 ^Kautar comes onto the DM to ask if my problem has been sorted, to which I say a resounding No.

FOUR DAYS LATER, on Jan. 22, ^Safie comes on the chat to tell me that a technician will call me. The next day ^Safie told me that I had a repair number and that CE Repair was waiting on parts. They also called me to arrange pickup. I include an A4 piece of paper with the outstanding issues with the monitor, which is packed for pickup again.

January 26 - Feb 5: CE Repair and Samsung finally agree the monitor is broken

Three months after I first put in the repair request, they confirmed there was an issue without saying what part needed replacing (I suspected the PSU), but it seems they cannot get a hold of the part they need and need to consider other options, (machine translated from Dutch).

Another ten days passed, and finally, on Feb. 5, CE Repair emailed to say that the monitor would not be repaired, (machine translated from Dutch).

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to inform you about your Samsung B2B TV/Monitor 49" LS49AG952NUXEN with order number xxxxxx, external reference: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Your B2B TV/Monitor 49" LS49AG952NUXEN will not be repaired, Samsung has decided to proceed to credit or possibly exchange, with RMA number 000xxxxxxxxx.
The above is (often) based on depreciation and duration of use. After crediting or exchange, the product will become the property of Samsung.

Your supplier, where you have purchased the product, will contact you soon or you can contact them yourself if desired. They will e.e.a. Continue handling with you.
CE Repair Services as a service organisation has no influence on the further processing, as this is a matter between Samsung and your supplier.

We trust to have informed you sufficiently,

With kind regards,

CE Repair Services

Feb 14: Now the real fun begins

I bought the monitor in Germany at Tech-Express24 on eBay, which is represented by EL-EXpress GmbH, and is a registered German company. Samsung now says I have to go to them for a refund and that they have forwarded the GRMS-number (whatever the hell that is) to "their accountant". I called them at the number listed on their page, but the person on the telephone said that Samsung Germany had never contacted them and that I should email the details to them, which is what I did on Wednesday, Feb. 14:

samsung email

Today, Friday, Feb. 16, I called EL-EXpress GmbH again to see if they had a response to the email. The guy on the phone indicated to me that he did not speak English, so I instead sent a message on eBay messenger asking the company to comment on the email I sent, and I received the following response:

samsung email

So I am left without my €1,300 monitor, and Samsung is saying, "Go to the seller," and the seller is saying, "Go to Samsung." I am honestly lost as to what to do now.

Feb 16: Don't call us, we'll call you

After writing this earlier today, I called Samsung again on the support number listed here, this time I have a reference number and although the guy seemed willing to help, is still adamant the "account manager" in Germany has to issue the refund, he will ask internally if they can come up with a solution, half an hour into the call the line drops, great.

I wait five minutes and call back, this time I get a woman, who is able to confirm the line dropped due to a mistake. Another 15-minute call later I am asked again to be patient while they figure this out internally. This time, they say, Samsung will call or email me early next week. This will be the first time Samsung initiates contact with me outside of social media, will it happen? WHO KNOWS?!

To the following people I was passed around to on WhatsApp and at @SamsungNL on Twitter DM: ^Julian, ^Ava, ^Lita, ^Shenice, ^Wendy, ^Hanaa, ^Kautar, ^Safie, and ^Ana, that sent me round and round in circles, sometimes promising solutions and "internal investigations," or just stopping responding at all for days and not actually helping me as evidenced above. Do better, guys.

One thing is for sure: I will never buy Samsung products ever again.

Feb 23 update; Back to square one

A week passed and I was not called or emailed by Samsung (big surprise,) so I called again today. The guy is able to see previous call logs and asks if I can hold while he checks something. Almost a 20-minute call later he comes back with the same "You have to get the seller to contact Samsung." I tell him again they refuse to take any action. Why would they? The seller does not have the monitor, Samsung NL has it. I never approached the seller for a warranty. I approached Samsung directly and Samsung approved the warranty repair. Samsung should see it through, but they are also refusing.

Now it is time to take legal action, it's gone on long enough.

I'll update once I have started that process. Samsung, you suck.

Note: For some reason, X (formerly Twitter) DM messages between Oct 26 and Nov 14 mysteriously disappeared from the @SamsungNL chat, so I screenshot the rest, including saving those on WhatsApp.

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