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ASP.NET Builds Momentum With Web Development Community

Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of additional tools and resources for developers building Web applications. The Microsoft® ASP.NET Resource Kit provides a wealth of resources that include tools, tutorials and samples to help new developers learn ASP.NET. For developers who currently use ASP.NET or other existing Web technologies, the Resource Kit provides new controls and components, discounts on ASP.NET training, and great deals on ASP.NET Web hosting. The ASP.NET Migration Center on MSDN® includes the newly released ASP to ASP.NET and PHP to ASP.NET Migration Guides, which will help developers by providing documentation, samples and utilities to help them use existing technology investments while upgrading to ASP.NET.

"We're very excited to see the growing excitement for ASP.NET. The free tools and resources provided with the ASP.NET Resource Kit and ASP.NET Migration Guides will make it even easier for developers to get started with ASP.NET while leveraging their existing skills and investments," said Scott Guthrie, product unit manager for ASP.NET at Microsoft. "It's great to see developers in enterprises of all sizes all over the world benefit from the increased productivity, reliability and performance of ASP.NET."

Download: ASP.NET Resource Kit

View: The full press release

News source: MS Presspass

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