Attackers Harvest FTP Credentials With New Crimeware Toolkit

Securiity researchers discovered that new malicious code spread through the black market is making its way onto some of the largest corporate Web sites in the world. San Jose-based Finjan, a security company specializing in Web gateway solutions, announced today that it uncovered a database containing more than 8,700 harvested FTP account credentials, including usernames, passwords and server addresses, spread through a malicious toolkit, which cyber criminals use to harvest the information.

The information was available for blackmarket trade, along with the NeoSploit version 2 crimeware toolkit, a malicious application specifically designed to abuse and trade stolen FTP account credentials from numerous legitimate companies. The malware is subsequently distributed to other criminals who use the malicious code on high traffic Web sites for their own financial gain. The findings were discovered by researchers at Finjan's Malicious Code Research Center with the company's Web analysis tool and published in its monthly report. The analysis showed that a standalone application was found at the backend of the malicious server, which enabled behind-the-scene information trading.

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