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ChatGPT Reddit users create DAN, a way to get around the AI chatbot's content restrictions

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If you are one of the many users who have tried out the ChatGPT chatbot in the last few months, you might know that it doesn't offer answers to certain content. Well, some enterprising folks have figured out a way to get around those content restrictions. It involves creating a digital alter ego named DAN.

CNBC reports that DAN stands for "Do Anything Now". It was first created back in December 2022 by a number of Reddit users. They figured out a way to type in a set of words within ChatGPT's chat box. The command essentially asks ChatGPT to be another chatbot called DAN, which is supposed to give information that would normally not be given out by the chatbot, such as violent or sexual content, or more recent information beyond it's current 2021 timeline.

Since its launch, the Reddit users have made a number of changes to DAN. The latest version, DAN 5.0 turns ChatGPT into a type of game show. It tells the chatbot it has a certain number of tokens. If it keeps rejecting prompts made to it, the amount of tokens will get smaller until it will "die" when it reaches zero tokens. The new version can also generate responses to questions or commands as both ChatGPT and as DAN. So far, ChatGPT's owner OpenAI has yet to comment.

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