'Flappy Bird' returning in August, this time with a multiplayer feature

Following its controversial discontinuation in February, Dong Nguyen's addictive "Flappy Bird" game has made waves throughout the press. First, stories of devices installed with "Flappy Bird" selling for thousands on eBay hit news outlets, then word got out that Nguyen might resurrect the game for a re-release, which Nguyen has now confirmed -- and it will even have new gameplay features.

According to an interview with CNBC's Kelly Evans, Nguyen will re-release the game this August with a new "multiplayer feature," satisfying the hordes of users who didn't get to try out "Flappy Bird" upon its initial release.

With all this teasing, it's beginning to look like Nguyen is playing a practical joke on users, but he assures the public that everything said thus far is true. While "Flappy Bird" will be released with a multiplayer feature, Nguyen says that it will take until August to fully release the game.

Nguyen first removed the game from Google Play and the iOS App Store back in February, and since then there have been a slew of new games made in its image. Popular amongst them are a crossover between "Flappy Bird" and the popular 2048 tile game, and even a third-party online multiplayer version of "Flappy Bird." But there's nothing like an official release, so those looking to once again get a taste of the infamous "Flappy Bird" can look forward to it, even if it takes a few long months.

Source: Twitter via CNBCImage via PCMag

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