Free Xbox Music Pass now live for Windows 8 users

Microsoft sweetened the deal for all its potential Windows 8 users a few days ago when it announced that adopters of the new OS would get an unlimited free Xbox Music Pass. This is a good way for Microsoft to promote both its new OS and, perhaps more importantly, its new music service. The new Xbox Music rises from the ashes of the old Zune offering but brings much more - and it's consistent across the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

So if you're a Windows 8 user you might have noticed all of the updates for the first party apps that have been going on recently. One of them is for the Music app and if you haven't already updated you definitely should. Why? Well because this update brings the free music subscription that Microsoft mentioned a few days ago.

All you have to do after updating is to open the app, log in to your Microsoft account (in case it doesn't do it automatically) and start listening to music. There are no extra steps to go through which is really great - just open the app and go! The music you stream can also be added to your own music library of course, and you can also create smart playlists that incorporate both your own music and online offerings similar to what you're listening to. The only sign that you haven't actually bought these tracks is the cloud icon which you can see in the screenshot above. It actually resembles the Skydrive logo.

Being able to stream unlimited music out of the box is pretty awesome and should definitely sweeten the deal for those who are considering, but haven't decided yet on, a Windows 8 upgrade.

Thanks to our readers for the tip!

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