From the Forums: Official Neowin photography contest for May (includes giveaway!)

Did you know Neowin has a photography forum and that we have a monthly photography contest? The second Neowin monthly photography contest is complete, and we have a winner: ArcticRift's photo, a closeup of an orange cat's eyeball. Congrats, ArcticRift, the Captain Kirk Mimobot is in the post on its way to you!

The most important rule of the contest to remember is that photos must be taken this month: This is a contest to get you to use your camera, not dig through your archives. Some other rules are as follows:

  • Photos must be taken in the time frame of that theme
  • Submission must be on a website that conserves EXIF data
  • Spam will be deleted as per the forum rules, such as photos for sale
  • The rest of the forum rules still apply
  • One picture per theme
  • Neowin claims absolutely NO ownership of your images. If you win, you'll make the front page though!

The theme for May is "The View From My Window" and can be interpreted any way you want (this is art!). So go out into the world, take some photos, and post the best one on the forum for everyone to vote on at the end of May! The winner receives a one year Tier 2 subscription to Neowin and gets to choose the theme for the next month's contest! Remember: Entries are made in the FORUMS (see May Contest post link) and not in the comments here, although we'd love to hear your thoughts on the contest.

Sources: Neowin Photography Forum, and May Contest post | Winning image by ArcticRift

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