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Gigabit broadband is now available in 66% of UK homes compared to 37% last year

Ethernet cables in a router

Ofcom has revealed that gigabit broadband is now available in 66% of homes around the UK. This is up from 37% at the same time last year. The regulator also said that full-fibre broadband, which uses fibre-optic cables, now reaches 33% of homes, up from 21% last year.

While there are advances regarding the fastest speeds, those unable to get a decent connection are also decreasing in number. Ofcom defines decent speeds as 10 Mbit/s download and 1 Mbit/s upload. Premises without access to these basic speeds number fewer than 100,000 now.

Away from broadband, Ofcom said 4G is now accessible in 92% of the UK. The 5G networks are still under construction but around half of homes can get 5G from at least one provider. If you want to see whether 5G is available in your area, head over to your mobile provider’s website and look for their coverage map.

Most people who have broadband from the Openreach network are on what Ofcom calls superfast broadband. Superfast broadband gives you download speeds of at least 30 Mbit/s and is accessible at 96% of UK homes. Ofcom acknowledged that this connectivity was growing at a slower pace now due to the difficulty of reaching some homes.

If you want to see the data in full, download the Connected Nations Spring 2022 report now.

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