Grand Theft Auto 4 not heading to Sin City after all

Looks like an over-eager online retailer caused the whole web to go mad with awry GTA stories

It's now looking increasingly unlikely that the recent reports of Grand Theft Auto 4 being subtitled Sin City and having a release date of 5 November are somewhat wide of the mark.

The story originated after the UK version of online retailer Amazon posted this information on the game a few days ago. However, it now appears as if Amazon came across the details from a nine month-old April fool's joke that appeared on a US website, which stated, "The new game will mix Grand Theft Auto gameplay with Frank Miller's [comic book] Sin City universe."

Tellingly, Amazon are now referring to the game simply as Grand Theft Auto: Next Episode and have removed the 5 November release date, although apparently this is actually fairly close to the game's true on-sale date. As regards the name, the current school of thought is that the game will be subtitled San Andreas, as has been widely rumoured for months.

GTA publishers Rockstar are giving little away at present, saying only that an announcement regarding the game's details has yet to be made, although one source did tell us that "you'd be surprised at how soon" this will be.

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