LG Display introduces a 48-inch bendable gaming display ahead of CES

As the calendar moves on to the new year, the next edition of CES is right around the corner, and just before it arrives, companies start making their announcements for the event. LG Display, sister company of LG Electronics, has announced a new 48-inch display for gaming, which it refers to as a Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED.

Dissecting that name, it naturally means that the display is capable of bending. Specifically, the display can bend up to a 1,000R radius, adding immersion to gaming experiences, but you can also flatten it for use as a TV or for media consumption.

The other part of the name, Cinematic Sound OLED, isn't completely new to LG Display. The technology allows the OLED display to vibrate and emit sound on its own, rather than using speakers. Of course, since it's an OLED, each of the display's pixels emits its own light, too, which results in more vivid colors and true blacks. It also has a 0.1ms response time and a variable refresh rate that can range between 40Hz and 120Hz.

It's worth noting that this isn't a product you're going to be able to buy just yet. As we mentioned at the start, LG Display is a sister company of LG Electronics, and it develops display technologies, but not consumer products. We'll need to wait for the latter company - or a third-party - to launch a product with this new panel.

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