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Metamail Provides Secure E-Mail

XML-based system wraps exciting graphics around high levels of spam and virus protection.

Your first look at Metamail delivers a new and dramatic level of e-mail eye-candy, but underneath that beautiful exterior there are some tough-as-nails security features that could point the way towards relief from spam, spoofing, and e-mail-borne viruses.

Metamail Corporation announced Version 4.0 of its Metamail Email Publishing software last week at the E-mail Technology Conference in San Francisco, and CEO Scott Rankine issued a call for a new approach to e-mail. Back home in Toronto he answered questions about his assertion that "the only way to fix e-mail is to step back and build a new format."

It's clear, he says, that the current e-mail formats, including ASCII text and HTML formatting, can no longer sustain the burden of privacy, protection, and security users put on them.

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