Microsoft PowerApps makes it possible to develop apps with no coding knowledge

Microsoft has announced its latest application development solution for businesses, to easily create and share apps for iOS, Android and Windows, in an easy-to-use ‘Office-like’ suite. Microsoft PowerApps has been designed for the business market, and speeds up application creation and distribution via a range of specialist tools.

Microsoft PowerApps allows businesses to integrate existing services and systems into applications, without the need for highly-skilled programmers. Multiple cloud and in-house data sources can be integrated with apps created using the service, taking advantage of dispersed company data. This can streamline data from multiple systems, into a single PowerApp solution.

The service aims to kick-start innovation within businesses, by allowing employees to create applications without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Apps can be created in an environment inspired by Office 365, using familiar tools and templates to create highly polished solutions in minutes. These apps can be easily shared between colleagues, similarly to documents created using Office 365. PowerApps can then be scaled to operate on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. While this allows employees to innovate and create their own solutions, IT can manage access and still have control over company data.

Microsoft PowerApps will be offered in three tiers, targeted towards differing audiences. The basic free plan will offer unlimited application creation, with each user having access to two data sources. Paid expansions from this will be available, to increase the number of connectable data sources, and improve control over PowerApps within the company.

To gain access to a closed preview of Microsoft PowerApps, invites are can now be requested via the Microsoft PowerApps site.

Microsoft via ZDNet

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