My Data Request makes requesting your data easy with arrival of GDPR

In just under a week, on Friday the 25th of May, the new European Union data protection directive, GDPR, comes into effect. One aspect of the GDPR is that citizens now have the right to reach out to companies to get the data that it holds on them. Despite this, actually initiating the process of getting your data can be tedious. To aid with this, My Data Request is now providing “codified” guides to get your data from various online services.

My Data Request offers guides for requesting your data from over 100 online services. The list of services includes many of the most popular apps from categories like social media, banking, dating, gaming, and much more. There’s a good chance that most of the services you care most about are listed on the website.

Big companies such as Facebook and Google let you download archives of your data, these pages are linked to in the guides offered by My Data Request. Smaller services, however, don't have dedicated tools and require you to email them. In order to make your life simple, My Data Request has built an email template tool so you can grab your data more quickly.

The website builds different email templates depending on your location, the four categories include ‘In the EU’, ‘In California’, ‘Everywhere’, and ‘Other’. While the GDPR legally only applies to people in the EU, companies may give people outside the bloc access to their data too even if they’re not covered by GDPR.

Source: My Data Request via TechCrunch

Editors note: Neowin has already added the GDPR compliant popup, but in some cases it will keep reappearing, this bug has been reported to the service that provides it. Please share your experience with the popup in the comments below.

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