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MySQL on track with storage engine

Open-source database maker MySQL AB will soon release the alpha version of its Falcon storage engine, designed for high-volume Web server environments, a company executive said Wednesday. News of the release slipped out early, but Falcon should be available for download within a week, said Kaj Arnö, vice president of community relations for MySQL. The version will work with MySQL's 5.1 release but existing data will have to be migrated to the new Falcon format. The company stressed that Falcon is for evaluation only, not for production environments.

The alpha release will be used to refine the storage engine's features and performance, which will then be followed by a beta version focusing on bug fixes, Arnö said. No timetable for a beta release has been set, as it will depend on how its development progresses, he said. MySQL's database is unique in that several storage engines can be employed depending on the how the database will be used.

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