Net Applications: IE10 closes in on IE8 as most used web browser

Net Applications has now released its latest numbers for worldwide PC web browser use for the month of September 2013 and the data shows that Internet Explorer 10 is getting closer to reaching the number one spot. IE10 currently has 19.43 percent of the browser market share, up from 18.65 percent in August.

IE8, the long time champion of web browsers, according to Net Applications' data, is still in first place with 21.41 percent, but that's down compared to 21.65 percent in August. Chrome 29 is shown in third place with 12.87 percent, followed by Firefox 23 in fourth with 11.55 percent. IE9 is fifth in the latest numbers with 9.44 percent, up from 9.04 percent in August.

StatCounter, which counts page views in its research data compared to unique visitors, shows that for the month of September Chrome 29 was the most used browser worldwide, at 34.03 percent. Firefox 23 was second last month at 12.5 percent, followed by IE10 in third with 12.16 percent. IE8 is next with 9.54 percent and IE9 is shown in fifth place with 5.93 percent.

Internet Explorer 11, which is only available in preview versions for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, doesn't show up on StatCounter's charts yet, and Net Applications shows it taking up 0.91 percent of the total browser market share. IE11 will almost certainly receive a boost in October when the final GA version of Windows 8.1 is launched on October 18th.

Source: Net Applications | Image via Net Applications

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