Nvidia seizes computers of hackers

Computer graphics-chip maker Nvidia Corp. said it has had seized the personal computers of two teenaged hackers in the Netherlands who obtained technology information from the company by breaking into its corporate computers.

The two, whose names weren't disclosed, were computer-gaming enthusiasts who published the information they obtained on Web sites frequented by other gaming aficionados.

Nvidia, of Santa Clara, Calif., said the teenagers used a number of ruses to obtain information about Nvidia products, including impersonating employees of Microsoft Corp. and other companies that are entitled to technical information about the company's products. The pair also obtained improper access to the company's machines, said an Nvidia spokesman. The two did their work at various times during 2001, obtaining blueprints for company products, information about new products, and other corporate information.

News source: MSNBC - Nvidia seizes computers of hackers

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