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OpenAI announces DALL-E 3 image generator that can integrate with ChatGPT

A banana is created by Dall-E 3

The AI image generator race is heating up. We recently reported that Microsoft Paint may get an AI-powered art generator feature, while Adobe has commercially released Firefly generative AI for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Express. Today, OpenAI has announced the third generation of its popular AI art generator, DALL-E.

The new version, dubbed DALL-E 3, comes with significant upgrades to improve safety and makes the tool more accessible and collaborative.

A key feature is the integration of DALL-E with OpenAI's ChatGPT conversational agent. Users will soon be able to use ChatGPT to help craft text prompts to guide DALL-E's image generation rather than having to develop their own detailed prompts.

In a demonstration, OpenAI researchers showed how ChatGPT could generate a long paragraph describing a prompt for a ramen restaurant logo, which DALL-E then used to produce several concept designs.

The company believes this new feature will allow more people to benefit from AI art generation as they won't need highly developed writing skills to utilize DALL-E. The integration with ChatGPT opens up prompt engineering support.

In addition, OpenAI says it has focused heavily on safety improvements in DALL-E 3 through mechanisms like input classifiers trained to avoid objectionable content. The company worked with external evaluation teams to test the system's robustness. DALL-E 3 also reportedly improves on avoiding recreating copyrighted works or images of public figures when prompted.

OpenAI will roll out DALL-E 3 access over the coming months, starting with ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers in October. The company did not provide a timeline for a fully public release.

In case you missed it, since March, Microsoft Edge has a feature called Bing Image Creator powered by the DALL-E model.

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