PowerUser.tv Ep 20: Printing Organs, Net Anonymity, Xbox360

This week the gang at PowerUser.tv

discuss a biomedical breakthrough that allows doctors to print human organs, more privacy and anonymity slipping away on the Net thanks to the US Senate and chipmakers, Alexa puts its server farms up for rent, Wikipedia on par with Encyclopedia Britannica, Vista theme capers, XBox 360 Kong game problems and 360's file system cracked, StarForce copy protection and Tom Chick's Game Pick of the Week.

Tune in for a very special announcement about how you can call in and ask us, The PowerUser.TV Panel, your questions and have them answered on the air. Also, Brad succumbs to the temptation of The Forbidden Fruit and Derek narrowly escapes termination for his eerily-accurate impression of Brad Wardell. Lots of information and big laughs in this episode. Don't miss it!

Topics at a glance:

  • Biomedical printer can print you a new liver

  • More net-policing powers approved by Senate?

  • Goodbye Internet anonymity?

  • Rent space from Alexa/Amazon

  • Wikipedia as good as Britannica

  • Vista theme 'capers'

  • xBox 360 Kong game and copy protection cracks

  • Star Force copy protection

  • Tom's Pick of the Week

  • PowerUser voice mail

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