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Revolution to be "2.5 Times More Powerful Than Cube"

Developers speaking to
GamesIndustry.biz this week have
commented that the the Revolution console, hardware kits for which
began shipping to third parties recently, is shaping up to be around
2.5 times more powerful than GameCube.

Up until the past week or so, developers close enough to Nintendo's
inner circle to have seen any Revolution hardware were working with
development kits that were simply GameCube kits with mock-ups of the
"wand" controller attached - a clear signal, if any were required, that
the system is more about innovative control than about the hardware

Now, however, Nintendo has spoken to developers in more depth about
its hardware plans for the new system - and has begun shipping more
advanced development kits to selected third-parties, featuring early
versions of some of the chips which will appear in the final console.

News source: GamesIndustry.biz

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