Samsung launches electronics history animated shorts series

A woman using the telegraph to send a message

Samsung, a leading smartphone manufacturer, has released the first episode of a five-part shorts series called ‘The History of the Electronics Industry that Changed the World’. The first episode, ‘Samuel Morse and the Network’ looks at the creation of the electrical telegraph and how we got from there to modern smartphones.

The firm has, so far, only released the first episode from the series but has promised four subsequent episodes that will be launched one at a time. The episodes will be called ‘John Baird and the TV’, ‘Alexander Graham Bell and the Telephone’, ‘James Harrison and the Refrigerator’, and ‘William Shockley and the Semiconductor’. Interestingly, these are all technologies that Samsung focuses on in its manufacturing.

While you probably know the story of some of these innovators, Samsung’s shorts are quick to watch so filling in any gaps in their stories shouldn’t take long. While the videos appear to be targeted towards adults, the animated nature of them should make them engaging for children too and the short length means they won’t get bored.

Since last year, Samsung has been putting content online covering highlights from the Samsung Innovation Museum (S/I/M). The new shorts series is the culmination of Samsung’s experience in presenting the history of the electronics industry through its S/I/M online tours.

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